COVID-19: BMA expectations for supporting medical student wellbeing

A set of principles for universities and NHS employers to take into account to ensure medical students' wellbeing is protected.

Location: UK
Audience: Medical students Medical academics
Updated: Monday 22 June 2020
Topics: COVID 19

The BMA asks that universities and NHS employer organisations consider every aspect of a medical student’s wellbeing and provide appropriate wellbeing support during this challenging time.

We have provided a set of recommendations for universities and employers of medical students to use during the pandemic.


What you'll get from this statement

  • Considerations to make for international and BAME students.
  • Safeguards that universities and employers should make to ensure students' wellbeing is maintained, and how they can be supported as individuals.
  • Adjustments NHS employers can make to be inclusive to all their medical student staff.
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  • Access to wellbeing support
  • International students
  • Loneliness
  • Racial harassment
  • Time zones
  • Vulnerable students and support services
  • Meetings with tutors
  • Disabled students
  • Stresses of working
  • Peer support