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Sessional GP week

Sessional GP week took place between 12–16 June 2023 and was a week-long online campaign highlighting the value of sessional GPs and promoting sessional GPs as a positive career choice with the focus on ‘Respect, Reward, Retain.’ 

Introducing Sessional GP week 2023

The first ever sessional GP week took place from the 12-16 June. It was dedicated to celebrating and valuing the expertise, commitment and dedication of sessional GPs and their immense contribution to the NHS. The focus for the week was 'Respect, Reward, Retain'.

Resources and webinars were shared throughout the week under the banner of daily themes:

Monday – Why working as a sessional GP is a positive career choice

Tuesday – Driving change as leaders and innovators

Wednesday – Your rights

Thursday – Retaining a thriving sessional community: networking and support

Friday – What the BMA Sessional GP committee is doing – Respect, Reward, Retain

Acknowledging the vast expertise of sessional GPs, we offer new and current guidance sessional GPs can use to help reach their potential and find out what their rights are. Come back each day for more content and resources.


Round up of the week

Day 5 - Friday 16 June

What the BMA Sessional GP committee is doing – Respect, Reward, Retain

  • Respect, reward, retain (UK)
  • The committee will be hosting the Sessional GP UK conference in Autumn 2023.  Look out for further details to register in the coming weeks.

Member benefits - coming soon

GP Diary app

GP Diary is a new BMA member benefit for salaried GPs to evidence and breakdown their workload.
It will be a web app that that can be used to track work activities and will provide insights on working patterns.

Locum heatmap

A desktop and mobile webapp requested by the Sessional GP committee which will allow locums to submit and look up the rates for five different categories of work in their local area and elsewhere the country, encouraging pay transparency. Planned to accept contributions from all doctors with advanced features and deeper insight available only to BMA members. Concept and design work is complete, and development is expected to start this month with a launch in September.