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FAQ: Login problems on the BMA website and BMJ online

Forgotten your password for the BMA website?

You can reset your password online at and a temporary password will be emailed to you automatically.

Reset your password

You must physically type the temporary password on the login page – do not simply copy and paste as this will not work.

You will be prompted to change your temporary password to one of your own – please type all passwords (case sensitive) into the boxes – do not simply copy and paste as this will not work.


Want to change your temporary password to one of your own?

Update your details online at or via the "Your Account" link on the top right of the home page on the BMA website, after signing in.

Update your details now

Remember to press the edit button to edit, for example when you change your temporary password to one of your own.

And remember to click save at bottom of the screen once you have made the change.


Want access to Connecting doctors?

Connecting doctors and the BMA website now use a single sign on. Select the ‘Sign in’ icon and use your BMA website credentials.

If you are unable to login you may need to reset your password or update your details (as above).

For more information about Connecting doctors, please see Connecting doctors - getting started.


Unable to access for free access to papers online?

As a BMA member, you must first register with the BMA website at before you can access the BMJ online.

Register with the BMA now

Once registered with the BMA website, you can access The BMJ at no additional cost, by logging in with your BMA username and password:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the BMA members link next to the sign-in button at top right of home page
  3. Enter your email address (as registered with the BMA website) next to the box marked Email address/User name
  4. Enter your password (as registered with the BMA website) in the next box

Alternatively, you can click on The BMJ link at the top of the BMA homepage and type in your email address and password (as registered with the BMA website) when you are asked to provide authentication.


Difficulty in accessing BMJ services for BMA Members?

BMJ on your iPad

As a BMA member you are entitled to access the BMJ on your iPad at no additional cost.

Please use the link below to register or check if you are already registered; enter your BMA email address or user name when prompted:

Access The BMJ on you iPad for free

BMJ Learning

BMA members are entitled to all BMJ Learning courses in the channel relevant to your branch of practice.

To activate your access to BMJ Learning, or to check if you are already registered, please visit BMJ Learning and enter your BMA number when prompted.

Visit BMJ Learning

If you need further assistance with access to BMJ Learning, please contact them directly:


Want to access other BMJ Group Services (including BMJ Specialist Journals)?

In addition to the BMJ, BMA members are entitled to a number of discounts from the BMJ Group.

These services require separate registration - for assistance with registration please contact BMJ Support directly on:


Anything else?

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the BMA Membership team for help: