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Website help

Improving your digital experience

Following significant development to improve your digital experience, we now have single sign on (SSO) to allow a more streamlined use of the website and your digital products included as part of your BMA membership.

This means one login allowing access between websites and products. We're starting with the BMA Library and will roll out more access in the coming months.

Computer requirements

To get the best experience of our website, we recommend the following minimum requirements:

Operating systems

  • Macintosh OS 9 and later
  • Windows 2000 and later


  • Google Chrome 1 and later
  • Firefox 2 and later
  • Internet Explorer 7 and later
  • Safari 3 and later

Screen resolution

  • 1024 x 768 and higher


Registering to use the website

Large parts of the site are open access to give general information and does not require registration.

Our website registration system however does allow us to target information at distinct categories of users, including information and services exclusively for members as a benefit of membership.

BMA members

A member's web account remains current while their BMA membership is current. Members can change their name, password, email address and other details at any time by logging in and going to My BMA details.

If a doctor or student's membership lapses, the web account will be automatically downgraded to non-member status. On rejoining, their web account will automatically be upgraded.

Non-member doctors

Non-member doctors who have a registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) can join the BMA using our online form. A new member can usually register for a full member web account 24 hours after receiving their membership number.

Guest users

We also register a limited a number of guest users, such as GP practice managers as parts of the site hold information which is useful for them in working alongside doctors and students.

Library associate members

Library associate members from medical and health libraries worldwide can use some of our online library facilities for a subscription. The Library pages contain further details.


Search tips for better results 

  • Searching for a single word may not give good results. The more information you provide, the more refined your results will be.
  • The search is not case sensitive - entering keywords such as doctor, DOCTOR, Doctor or dOCTOR will produce the same results.
  • You can search for a complete phrase by using quotation marks. For example the search expression 'child protection' will find all documents containing that phrase.
  • The search will always return the newest pages first.

You can use Boolean terms as detailed below:

  • There is no need to put AND between your keywords. Enter your search keywords in the simple search, separated by a space, and click the go button. This will find all documents containing all of your keywords.
  • Putting OR between your search keywords will find all documents containing any of your keywords.  Example: The search expression 'doctor OR physician' will find all documents containing either doctor or physician or both.
  • Putting AND NOT in front of a keyword will exclude that keyword from the search. Any documents containing the excluded keyword will not be included in the search results. Example: The search expression 'doctor AND NOT physician' will find all documents containing doctor but not documents containing physician or both doctor and physician.

The search filters allow you to sort the search returns by groups of content, eg News, Events, etc.