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Mission, vision and values

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Our mission

We look after doctors so they can look after you.


Our vision

A profession of valued doctors delivering the highest quality health services where all doctors...

  • have strong representation and expert guidance, whenever they need it
  • have their individual needs responded to, through career-long support and professional development
  • are championed by the BMA and their voices are sought, heard and acted upon
  • can connect with each other as a professional community
  • can influence the advancement of health and the profession.

Find out how we realised our vision in 2016

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Our values

These are five common attributes we share as an organisation which sets us apart from other organisations.


We are an indispensable source of credible information, guidance and support throughout doctors' professional lives.


We are committed to all doctors and place them at the heart of every decision we make.


We are doctors' first port of call because we are trusted and dependable.


We are unafraid to challenge effectively on behalf of all doctors.


We are an influential leader in supporting the profession and improving the health of our nation.


Our code of conduct

The BMA welcomes open debate and free exchange of ideas. We are committed to creating a culture that is inclusive of all members. We want every member to feel able to contribute, knowing that their points of view will be valued and differences of opinion will be respected.

Our code of conduct provides guidance on expected behaviour and sets out the standards of conduct that support our values in the work that we do.

Download the code of conduct (PDF)