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People on Scottish Council 2019-20

(v) = voting member


Lewis Morrison (supernumerary)


Deputy chairs

Sue Robertson (v)

Nikki Thompson (v)

Scottish General Practitioners Committee chair

Andrew Buist (v)

Scottish Consultants Committee chair

Graeme Eunson (v)

Scottish Junior Doctors Committee chair

Lewis Hughes

Scottish Staff, Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors Committee chair

Bernie Scott

Scottish Medical Students Committee co-chairs

Matthew Murtagh and Sam Watson

President of BMA

Dinesh Bhugra

Chair of Representative Body

Helena McKeown

Treasurer of the BMA

Trevor Pickersgill

Chair of Council (UK)

Chaand Nagpaul

Scottish LNC Forum chair

Sue Robertson


Members of Council (UK) whose electoral zone is Scotland

Peter Curry (v)

Peter Bennie

Iain Kennedy (v)


Scotland (v)

Mary Anne Burrow

Graeme Eunson

Mahesh Perera

Alan Robertson

Amy Small

Nikki Thompson


General practitioners (v)

Stuart Blake

Andrew Buist

John Ip

Iain Kennedy 

John Kyle

Laura McBrearty

Alan McDevitt

Kirsty Robinson


Consultants (v)

Simon Barker

Chris Barrett

Chris Greenhalgh

Iain TR Kennedy

Jacqui McMillan

Ewan Olson

Anne Marie Sinclair

Ruth Stephenson


Juniors (v)

Ellie Davidson

Alisdair Gilmour

Timothy Gray 

Jamie Nash

Lailah Peel

Chris Sheridan

Jagdeep Singh


Medical academics

Vacant (v)

Medical students

Catriona McVey (v)

SAS doctors

Sue Robertson (v)

Other craft not represented

Peter Curry (v)


Colin Curry (v)

Immediate past chair (for one year after demitting office as chairman)



Appointed members where the chair of a craft committee has an elected seat

Co-opted members

to be confirmed

Chairman, Academy of Royal Colleges and Faculties in Scotland - Derek Bell. 

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