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Terms of reference

The Northern Ireland council of the BMA is a standing committee of the BMA and its remit is to ‘consider any and all matters of specific relevance to the medical profession and healthcare in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland council shall determine policy and action where the application is exclusive to Northern Ireland’.



Voting members

NI Council shall normally have 24 directly elected voting members.  This shall include 21 directly elected to the following groups of members of the BMA in Northern Ireland to ensure representation as far as possible from across the area of the four NI Divisions and the branch of practice groupings:

  1. Five members whose primary branch of practice is General Practice of whom:
    Four shall be GPs; 1 from East; 1 North; 1 South; 1 West; 1 sessional/locum/salaried
  2. Five members whose primary branch of practice is Consultant of whom:
    2 from East; 1 North; 1 South; 1 West
  3. Two members whose primary branch of practice is Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctor with no more than one from any NI Divisional area
  4. Five members whose primary branch of practice is Junior Doctor including one for the highest polling GP trainee
  5. Two members whose primary branch of practice is Medical Student 
  6. One member whose primary branch of practice is either Public Health Medicine, Academic, Armed Forces, Occupational Medicine or members in practice but not covered by the above
  7. One member who is a Retired Member
  8. In addition to the 21 seats outlined above, there shall be three seats for the highest polling candidates who have not already been elected

Eight ex-officio Northern Ireland members comprising the Chair of the NI Consultants Committee, the NI General Practitioners Committee, the NI Staff, Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors Committee, the NI Junior Doctors Committee, the NI Medical Students Committee, the NI Medical Academic Staff Committee, the NI Public Health Medicine and Community Health  Committee as and when reconstituted and the Regional Local Negotiating Committee  Ex-officio members of Council shall hold office until the election of their successors.  Deputy Chairs of Branch of Practice Committees may attend NI Council in the absence of their Chair, with the same voting rights.

Non-voting members

Designated ex-officio UK members comprising the President of the BMA, Chair of UK Council, Chair of the Representative Body, the Treasurer, members of UK Council whose registered address is in Northern Ireland.


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