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Overview of Northern Ireland Council

The Northern Ireland council (NIC) of the BMA is a standing committee of the BMA and its remit is to ‘consider any and all matters of specific relevance to the medical profession and healthcare in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland council shall determine policy and action where the application is exclusive to Northern Ireland’.


Our priorities 

Service reconfiguration

Northern Ireland has the worst performing health system in the UK. One in seven adults are now on an outpatient waiting list compared with one in 14 in England. None of the waiting list targets are being met. The integrated health and social care model is not operating to provide an optimal service to patients and clients. NIC will work with decision makers to ensure medical staff are involved in service reconfiguration and ensure service change is effectively planned and resourced. 

Medical workforce planning

We want to make sure BMA is involved in the implementation of the HSC workforce strategy (published May 2018) and that Northern Ireland is an attractive location for doctors and medical students, with pay parity with other UK jurisdictions.


The United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019. Northern Ireland council agreed to ensure that the voice of Northern Ireland doctors was heard in any negotiations going forward recognising that we are the only part of the UK which shares a land border with an EU country. We want to ensure that the current open border arrangements are maintained, there is no impact on service delivery and that the current MRPQ arrangements are maintained. 


Who we are

Council has 24 directly elected members representative of all branch of practice groups in Northern Ireland.

In addition, the following are ex-officio members of NI council (with voting rights): 

  • NI consultants committee chair
  • NI general practitioners committee chair
  • NI staff, associate specialists and specialty doctors committee chair
  • NI junior doctors committee chair
  • NI medical students committee chair
  • NI medical academic staff committee chair
  • NI public health policy virtual committee chair.

Members are elected every three years.

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Dr Tom Black 

Deputy chair

NICC chair Anne Carson 

Dr Anne Carson 

Read the terms of reference


Our meetings

Northern Ireland council meetings will be held on:

  • Wednesday 16 October 2019
  • Wednesday 5 February 2020
  • Wednesday 10 June 2020

Meetings are held at the BMA Belfast office, Council Room (map)


Any questions?

We are happy to answer any queries, give advice or help on any matter related to Northern Ireland council.

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