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Overview of Northern Ireland Council

The Northern Ireland council of the BMA is a standing committee of the BMA and its remit is, 'to consider all matters specially concerning Northern Ireland, and in conformity with the decisions of the representative body, deal with all such matters'.


Who we are

Council has 24 directly elected members representative of all branch of practice groups in Northern Ireland.

In addition, the following are ex-officio members of NI council (with voting rights): 

  • NI consultants committee chair
  • NI general practitioners committee chair
  • NI staff, associate specialists and specialty doctors committee chair
  • NI junior doctors committee chair
  • NI medical students committee chair
  • NI medical academic staff committee chair
  • NI public health policy virtual committee chair.

Members are elected every three years.

Find out who they are 


Dr John D Woods

Deputy chair

Dr Tom Black


Our meetings

The next Northern Ireland council meeting will be held on Thursday 8 February 2018 at 2.30pm at the BMA Belfast office, Council Room (map)

The following meeting will be held on Tuesday 12 June 2018 at 2.30pm at the BMA Belfast office, Council Room (map)


Any questions?

We are happy to answer any queries, give advice or help on any matter related to Northern Ireland council.

Write to:
BMA Northern Ireland
16 Cromac Place
Cromac Wood
Ormeau Road

Tel: 028 9026 9666 
Fax: 028 9026 9665 
Email: [email protected]