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Members of BMA council 2018-2022

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Members ex-officio

Council chair - Chaand Nagpaul

President - Professor Raanan Gillon

Chair of representative body - Helena McKeown 

Treasurer - Trevor Pickersgill

Deputy chair of representative body -Latifa Patel

Deputy council chair - David Wrigley

The chairs of the following bodies:

Board of the BMJ publishing group - Jay (Joseph) Lippincott III

Board of science - Dame Professor Parveen J Kumar

Consultants committee - Robert Harwood

General practitioners committee - Richard Vautrey

Junior doctors committee - Sarah Hallett

Medical academic staff committee - Peter Dangerfield / David Strain

Medical ethics committee - John Chisholm

Medical students committee - Gurdas Singh/ Christopher Smith

Northern Ireland council - Tom Black

Organisation committee - Krishan Aggarwal

Patient liaison group - Lesley Bentley

Public health medicine committee - Peter Mark B English

Retired members committee – Brian Guttridge

Scottish council - Lewis Morrison

Staff, associate specialists and specialty doctor committee - Amit Kochhar and Rajesh Kumar

Welsh council - David Bailey

Elected and voting members

Alphabetical list of members elected in 2018 election to serve until the close of the ARM in 2022

Jahangir Alom (Medical students, South Central)

Jackie Applebee (General practice, London)

Philip Banfield (Consultants, Wales)

Jennifer Barclay (Junior doctors, North West)

Hannah Barham-Brown (Junior doctors, London)

Rob Barnett (General practice, North Western)

Peter Bennie (Consultants, Scotland)

Katie Bramall-Stainer (General practice, Eastern) 

Kailash Chand (Retired doctors, North West)

John Chisholm (Other, London)

Christine Clayton (General practice, South East Coast)

Andrew Collier (Consultants, North Western)

Cristina Costache (Junior doctors, South West)

David Craigmyle (General practice, South West)

Peter Curry (Other, Scotland)

Paul Darragh (Staff, associate specialists and specialty doctor, Northern Ireland)

Jacky Davis (Consultants, London)

Thomas Dolphin (Consultants, London)

Peter English (Public health medicine, London)

Glynn Evans (Armed forces, West Midlands)

Sam Everington (General practice, London)

Helen Fidler (Consultants, London)

Alex Freeman (General practice, South Central) 

Clare Gerada (General practice, London) 

Zoe Greaves (Junior doctors, North East)

Andrew Green (General practice, Yorkshire)

Gaurav Gupta (General practice, South East coast) 16 October

James Haddock (Junior doctors, West Midlands)

Sara Hedderwick (Consultants, Northern Ireland)

Michael Henley (Consultants, East Midlands)

Peter Holden (General practice, East Midlands)

Sebastian Hormaeche (Staff, associate specialists and specialty doctor, Eastern)

Philip Howard (Consultant, London)

Louise Irvine (General practice, London)

Anil Jain (Consultant, North West)

Krishna Kasaraneni (General practice, Yorkshire)

Iain Kennedy (General practice, Scotland)

Lucie Kennedy-Cocker (Junior doctors, Yorkshire)

Amit Kochhar (Staff, associate specialists and specialty doctor, North West)

Mary McCarthy (General practice, West Midlands)

Helena McKeown (General practice, South West)

Ian McNab (Consultants, South Central)

Richard Mithen (General practice, South East coast) 16 October 2018

Kevin O’Kane (Consultants, London)

Philip Pearson (Consultants, East Midlands)

Trevor Pickersgill (Consultants, Wales) 

Moosa Qureshi (Junior doctors, London)

George Rae (General practice, North East)

Richard Rawlins (Retired doctors, South West)

Michael Rees (Academics, Wales)

Emma Runswick (Medical students, North West)

Wendy Savage (Retired doctors, London)

Radhakrishna Shanbhag (Staff, associate specialists and specialty doctor, North West)

Christopher Smith (Medical students, South Central)

Vicky Theakston (Medical student (Junior Doctor – since August 2018) East Midlands

Penelope Toff (Public health medicine, South Central)

Richard Vautrey (General practice, Yorkshire)

Mark Weir (Occupational medicine, North East)

Rajiv (Jeeves) Wijesuriya (Junior doctor, London)

David Wrigley (General practice, North West)

Jennifer Yell (Consultants, North West)

Non voting member

Krishan Aggarwal (General practice, London)

Rinesh Parmar (Junior doctor, West Midlands)


Note regarding voting rights

In accordance with the TULCRA 1992, only those members directly elected to council by the membership of the BMA will be eligible to vote at council meetings.