International Committee

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International Committee

The BMA's International Committee includes representatives of all the main branches of practice, and discusses European and international issues of interest to the medical profession.

It has discussed and campaigned on issues such as:


Our priorities

Brexit - its effects on EU nationals

European brief

This month's European brief provides updates on:

  • Brexit update
  • mHealth update
  • protecting minors from the marketing of unhealthy food and drink

Read the European brief

European funding briefs

The European funding brief details the EU funding opportunities available for health-related projects in the field of research and innovation for 2016-2017.

European funding brief

3rd EU health programme: this funding brief details the EU funding opportunities for 2016 available under the 3rd EU health programme. This is the main EU funding instrument to support and underpin the development and implementation of EU health policy.

Download the funding brief

European and international medical bodies

The BMA has been active in European affairs for over 30 years and is a member of a number of European medical associations. In addition, the BMA Brussels Office provides a key link between the BMA and the European institutions and is responsible for enhancing the BMA's reputation and impact at a European level.

We have produced a list of the organisations which, although not exhaustive, covers the main medico-political and professional bodies. There are many specialised bodies with which the BMA is not in regular contact, and it would be impossible to include them all in this brief overview.


Who we are


Terry John

Chief officers (ex-officio)

Professor Pali Hungin, President
Dr Anthea Mowat, Chair of the Representative Body
Dr Mark Porter, Chair of Council
Dr Andrew Dearden, Treasurer

Elected by the representative body

Dr Terry John
Dr Ashok Pathak (retired members)
Dr Farah Jameel (GP)
Dr Johnson Neo (junior doctors)

Appointed by BMA committees

Dr Kitty Mohan, Board of Science
Dr John Firth, Consultants Committee
Dr Bharat Pankhania, Committee for Public Health Medicine and Community Health
Dr Mary McCarthy, General Practitioners Committee
Dr Bethan Roberts, Junior Doctors Committee
Dr Peter Dangerfield, Medical Academic Staff Committee
Professor Raanan Gillon, Medical Ethics Committee
Dr Ujjwala Mohite, Staff and Associate Specialists Committee
Miss Zoe Brunswick, Medical Students Committee
Professor Andrew Rowland, Head of BMA delegation to UEMS


Related information

List of European and international medical bodies (PDF, July 2013)

From human rights and water poverty to fair medical trade and climate change, the BMA is speaking up for you on issues of global importance. Find out about our current campaigns.

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