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GP trainees and LMCs working together effectively

"[Engaging trainees] is particularly useful for workforce planning and upskilling a new generation of GPs. This also allows for LMCs to successfully plan for the future"

Sarah Kay, Dorset LMC

LMCs (local medical committees) are the bodies that represent the interests of all GPs at a local level, and as membership organisations their strength lies in their ability to represent the entirety of the profession. Given that there have now been several major reorganisations within the NHS over recent years, LMCs are now the only locality-based organisation that maintains a corporate memory within general practice.

GP trainees represent the future of the workforce, yet are often under-represented on LMCs. If left unaddressed, the under-representation of GP trainees risks impacting the strength, effectiveness and credibility of many LMCs, as well as disenfranchising the future of the GP workforce and leaving them without effective local representation.

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The current picture

The GP trainee and sessional GP subcommittee jointly conducted a survey into LMC engagement with GP trainees and sessional GPs.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • 67% of the LMCs surveyed do not allow GP trainees to stand in LMC elections.
  • 38% of LMCs do not have dedicated seats for GP trainees.
  • 66% of GP trainees are not represented in their LMCs choice of conference representatives.


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