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Local representation


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BMA divisions give you the opportunity to debate your local issues with local peers. Some divisions have web pages to tell you what they are doing, including information on dates of meetings and events.

If you are actively involved with your division don't miss out on the D circulars which contain important information about upcoming events such as the ARM.

You can also download our support guide for honorary secretaries describing what divisions can do. You will need to login to access.

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Local medical committees

Local medical committees (LMCs) are local representative committees of NHS GPs and represent the interests of all NHS GPs in their localities to the NHS health authorities. They interact and work with - and through - the general practitioners committee, as well as other branch of practice committees and local specialist medical committees in various ways, including conferences.

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Local negotiating committees

Local negotiating committees (LNCs) are made up of elected local representatives who negotiate - and have the authority to make collective agreements - with local management on behalf of medical and dental staff of all grades.

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Conference of honorary secretaries

The 2019 conference of honorary secretaries took place at BMA House in London on Friday 1 March 2019.

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