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Putting members at the heart of the BMA

Council Chamber, BMA House London

We want to see the work of BMA committees to be more transparent and the process of developing policy to be more inclusive, representative and open.

We aim to do this by changing our structures and practices to better support the member voice in the workplace and local health structures.

Watch an update on the programme from Andrew Dearden or read below to find out more about different aspects of programme and how you can get involved.


Get involved with the BMA

The 'Get involved' pages of our website offer elected members help and support in fulfilling their important role within the organisation.

Information on how to connect with members, equal rights and opportunities, and local area schemes are available to download and consume online.

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Improving local engagement

Andrew Dearden BMA council member 2014

We are running three local engagement trials within the West of Scotland, the South West of England and the West Midlands.

Our aim with these local engagement projects is to enhance BMA visibility locally and in the workplace, facilitate local involvement and deliver new ways of communication with and between members. They are enabling us to understand members' needs on a local level in their local area, as BMA treasurer Dr Andrew Dearden explains:

"We are pleased with progress of the trials so far… they are reaching out to members in or close to their workplaces, raising our profile with ordinary members and non-members and providing events tailored to local needs."

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Changes to Council 2018

We have been keen to explore how we can provide stronger representation for you, our members. Our major survey in autumn 2016 told us members have clear views on the BMA's future democratic structures.

At its March 2017 meeting, BMA Council agreed changes that address the imbalances on UK Council – namely, representation of women, certain Branches of Practice, English regions and devolved nations. Those changes were approved at ARM in June 2017 and made in time for our 2018 Council elections.

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