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Map of trials area extended 2016 and new
Member Voice and Democratic Structures (MVDS) project
BMA local engangement areas are highlighted on the map - Scotland, West Midlands and South West England

The BMA work as a collective voice for the profession but we also offer individual, tailored support on the ground and in your workplace. 


BMA local engagement

Map of trials areaWe want to put members at the heart of all that we do. That's why we're increasing our support for you and helping to build better connections between doctors locally. We're listening to your feedback and acting on it.

Find out what local engagement is happening in your area:


My BMA - Local guides

We are producing in your area guides for all BMA regions which highlights your local contacts, facilities and support initiatives. New guides will be added as they become available. 

Download your local guide:


BMA Local

BMA member relations working in collaboration with members in local areas, are currently looking at developing news ways to engage and interact; the aim being to make all BMA services more accessible to you locally.

This is a work in progress led by the BMA Regional Coordinators and Industrial Relations Officers.

Find out about your BMA Local team:


Get in touch

You can also check our Get in touch page which includes more contact details of your regional and local reps.

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