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Connecting with members

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How to use Connecting doctors

The Connecting doctors platform is for you and your colleagues. It can help you engage with members in a variety of ways.

Connecting doctors can help:

  • provide a platform to inform professional opinion which will be used to help develop BMA policy decisions
  • facilitate professional discussion, interaction, and peer support
  • provide a platform for the voice of our members and increase transparency and democracy
  • offer expert support on career issues, no matter what grade or specialism
  • support in the application of theoretical medical professionalism in a practical way, for the benefit of both doctors and patients
  • inform the development of resources to enhance the profession

As a BMA member, you already have an account in Connecting doctors; just click sign in and use your BMA username and password to activate it.

If you don't have an account or you can't remember your login details, please contact us


How to use social media

The popularity of social media has grown rapidly in recent years. We know that medical students and doctors widely use sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as well-established blogs and internet forums that are aimed specifically at medical professionals.

While many medical professionals use social media without encountering any difficulties, media interest and research into examples of unprofessional behaviour online have raised concerns that some doctors and medical students may be unknowingly exposing themselves to risk.

BMA's social media guidance provides practical and ethical advice on the different issues that doctors and medical students may encounter when using social media.

Read the BMA's social media guidance for doctors

Download our guide to Connecting doctors and using social media

Download our guide to connecting with members