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Our corporate equality, diversity and inclusion strategy

BMA corporate EDI strategy - 2016 our vision

The BMA undertakes a wide variety of EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) activities each year

Our corporate strategy allows us, for the first time, to connect the range of work undertaken across the organisation, and in doing so, maximise the benefit of each activity and identify further opportunities to achieve our aspirations to become an exemplar organisation committed to EDI best practice.

Our aim is to foster a culture where individual differences and diversity are welcomed. We are committed to promoting equal rights and opportunities, pro-actively tackling discrimination or disadvantage in all forms and creating an open and inclusive culture for our members, employees and stakeholders.

We want all of our work to be aligned to our BMA mission and vision, and all our decisions and actions to be grounded in our values.

The human rights principles of fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy will be promoted and be part of our everyday behaviours.

Using a human rights based approach which is integrated into policy-making, as well as the day to day running of the association, ensures that standards are met for everyone.

Our strategy sets out our vision, strategic goals and the steps we will take to realise this vision.

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Why does equality, diversity and inclusion matter to us?

We believe that EDI is integral to our work as a trade union, a professional body and an employer for several reasons:

  • It strengthens our ability to stand up for doctors, both individually and collectively, on a wide variety of employment issues and influence on key ethical, scientific and public health matters, by helping to maintain the trust and confidence of all our partners and stakeholders.
  • We want to demonstrate that we understand and respond to the diverse needs of doctors and patients and tailor our services accordingly.
  • Our membership profile needs to reflect the make-up of the medical profession. Our committee structures must be representative of the membership and medical workforce.
  • Having an inclusive and diverse workforce which reflects the rich diversity of the UK population, and the communities in which we operate, is key to achieving our mission and vision. There is also strong evidence that organisations which embrace inclusion and diversity perform better and achieve more.
  • We want to attract talent, retain productive and committed staff, and be part of creating a positive culture change that spreads throughout the association.
  • There are important legislative measures affecting equalities and human rights issues. We want to be recognised as an association that aspires to high standards and good practice in all that we do.


BMA EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) advisory group

Our advisory group provides expert advice and guidance on all matters relating to equality, diversity and inclusion work at the BMA. Group members offer in-depth knowledge of, and experience in, a range of EDI issues, and help to shape the association’s work on EDI for members, staff and the medical workforce. They act as ambassadors for EDI at the BMA and in the medical profession, promoting and embodying the BMA vision for EDI as set out in our strategy.

Membership of the group is for one session and any BMA member can join.