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Committee mentoring programme

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Would you like more support in your role as a BMA committee member? 

Do you need medico-political guidance? 

Sign up to our committee mentoring programme

The BMA committee mentoring programme is aimed at helping newer and inexperienced committee members to become more confident in their BMA roles.

Through pairing you with experienced committee members, the programme is designed to support your development specifically within a medico-political environment.

Mentors can offer you support and guidance, encouraging you to manage your own learning and development, and set and achieve your personal goals.

All our mentors have significant medico-political experience and go through CPD (continued professional development) accredited training before we match them with prospective mentees.

Mentoring can have a number of positive effects on:

  • career development, performance and satisfaction

  • access to opportunities

  • development of knowledge and confidence.

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Experiences with the mentoring programme

Jayan George

Jayan is an academic FY2 trainee and member of Welsh council and the junior doctors committee.

Read Jayan's experience as a mentee


Twishaa Sheth

Twishaa is a third year medical student, joint deputy chair of the medical students committee (MSC) and chair of the MSC welfare subcommittee.

Read Twishaa's experience as a mentee


Mohammed Abdul Waduud

Mohammed is an academic FY2 and member of the medical academic staff committee.

Read Mohammed's experience as a mentee


Who can apply?

  • Any BMA committee member can apply for a mentor.

  • Any BMA committee member (past or present) can apply to be a mentor. Mentoring is undertaken on a voluntary basis.


How do I apply?

To apply for a mentor, please complete the mentee application form and send it to [email protected].

To apply to become a mentor, please complete the mentor application form and send it to [email protected].


Please get in touch with BMA corporate equality and inclusion if you have any queries.


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