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Gender pay report for BMA/BMJ staff

Organisations with over 250 employees are now required to publish information about gender pay difference. The key figure that organisations have to publish is the median gender pay gap which shows the difference in average pay between men and women in the workforce.

The figures for the BMA/BMJ group show that on average (median) men earn 14.3 per cent more per hour than women. This is a small rise from 13.6 per cent gap reported in 2018 but it remains lower than the national median gender pay gap of 17.9 for 2018.

While it is disappointing to see any rise in our gender pay gap, it is important to understand that the data in the latest report reflects the snapshot date of 5 April 2018 which means it is too early to see the impact of the actions put in place following the publication of the 2017 data.

The BMA/BMJ group is committed to reducing our gender pay gap and we are working with our employees to identify practical ways in which we can do this.

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