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Equality matters

Equality matters is the BMA’s advocacy programme designed to promote equality for all doctors working in our health service. It is built on four key values that aim to give doctors equal access to opportunities, free from prejudice and discrimination.

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  • Equality matters because it's morally right, and so every medical student and doctor can progress and achieve their full potential.
  • Equality matters because organisations rooted in equality, diversity and inclusivity are more productive, harmonious, and have more content staff.
  • Equality matters because it's good for the NHS and patient care - since it brings out the best of the capability of the medical workforce.
  • Equality matters in the BMA so that it may fully harness the talent in our elected representatives to act on behalf of our members and to stand by the standards we expect in the NHS.

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The programme will help us all to tackle any signs of discrimination and inappropriate behaviour. The BMA will continue to lobby forcefully for decisive action to end discrimination, and for processes and procedures that support doctors to fulfil their potential.


Training resources

As part of our commitment, we are making new resources available to BMA members aimed at raising awareness of why equality and inclusivity matter.

All BMA members now have online access to a series of new modules and learning tools on equality, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and micro-behaviours, designed to improve knowledge and understanding about the importance of respecting our differences – as well as celebrating that which binds us together as a profession. 

Read more and access all the modules and training we have created to support you.

Training modules


Complete our disability survey

We want to hear from disabled doctors and medical students about their experiences in medical education, training and at work. All information will be kept anonymous and we will use it to highlight areas where better support is needed. 

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Our work

We have also reviewed and strengthened our own internal processes and support, to ensure that we are role modelling the behaviours and actions we expect for our members working in the health service.

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Why equality matters to you

Our members tell us why equality matters to them: 





Get in touch

If you'd like to share your ideas or feedback about how we can further the work of this programme, please email [email protected].