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Technology services apprentice scheme

Deskside support apprentice

BMA Technology Services wanted to provide an opportunity for one young technology enthusiast, to gain vital experience as well as important qualifications whilst being employed by the BMA.


How it works

We chose to secure our apprentice through JUST IT Apprenticeships, an established UK Training Company. Their programme is a Level 3 IT Technical Support Apprenticeship, delivered over a 12 month period.

It is delivered in conjunction with employment activities that are geared to support the learner in gaining the knowledge, and developing the competencies defined in the apprenticeship along with developing underpinning behaviours and skills whilst in the workplace.


Recruitment process

We were particularly interested in recent school leavers who had just completed their A-levels and had consciously decided that they are not going to university. An assessment day was held for the six candidates we short-listed to test skills which are not assessable in a traditional interview alone.

To begin with they were given a group exercise and discussion designed to focus more on competencies such as teamwork, creativity, planning and communication. Other selection tasks included two short MS Excel tests, followed with a 20 minutes face to face technical interview.

After spending over five hours assessing all six candidates, Luis Pereira was selected to be our IT Apprentice. Luis joined the BMA on the 1st August 2016 and is settling well in to his role, and will soon commence his classroom training with JUST IT.


Benefits for the apprentice

In our pursuit to ensure Luis' success in his apprenticeship, we have nominated him a mentor to ensure that he has the appropriate guidance and support based on his own unique developmental needs. This is in addition to the support which he will receive regularly from his line manager, other members of the Team, and from the HR Team.

By the end of the Luis' apprenticeship, we are confident that he will have attained great skills as an IT Support Apprentice, and he stands to gain a recognised qualification in CompTIA A+, plus technical certificates in 'Testing ICT Equipment' and 'Network Management & Security'.

This is what Luis had to say about his apprenticeship at the end of his first working week:

"I am greatly enjoying it here at the BMA, especially since it has a few cutting edge technologies implemented here eg Office 365. As of my first impressions, working at the BMA is an educational experience, especially since I’m learning a significant amount in comparison to my previous educational institutions. A few examples of the things that I am learning are 'Service manager console' and 'Sophos Antivirus'.

"The BMA is creative with its future implementation. During my first week our Chief Information Officer was talking about where the organisation is headed and new ideas he is considering to implement. He talked about making a statistical summary using 'Cortana' all done by voice. For me, this is quite unique since I have never come across such an idea being thought about."