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Sustainability and health

We recognise the detrimental effects climate change has on health and aim to minimise our impact on the environment.

Doctors and other health professionals have a vital role in supporting and advocating for better approaches to tackling climate change that protect and promote public health, while also reducing the burden on health services.

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  • Recycling and reducing our carbon footprint

    We recognise that we have a responsibility to promote and adopt organisation policies that support sustainable practices and improve health. We regularly evaluate our practices to ensure we are minimising the impact we have on the environment. This is done alongside our workplace initiatives that help to inspire BMA staff to uphold our values on sustainability. Find out more about our workplace initiatives.


    Waste and recycling

    Recycling iconWe recycle on average over 55% of the waste we generate. As of February 2016, BMA House has achieved zero-to-landfill status. All waste produced at BMA House is either recycled or recovered. New recycling and waste facilities were introduced in May 2016 to all BMA offices to replace personal desk bins and improve access to recycling waste for all office-based staff. Staff are now able to recycle paper, cardboard, cans, plastics and food waste.

    Throughout March 2017 our recycling processes were reviewed: we produced new recycling posters to help staff recycle better and through an audit ensured that the way we recycle is consistent throughout the building.




    BMA staff are encouraged to distribute papers electronically and to print on both sides using re-manufactured ink and toner cartridges. We also encourage staff to switch off lights and close windows where required, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and research suppliers to select those that match our values.

    Our estates team has been working to ensure BMA House is reducing its carbon footprint by using low-energy motion-sensitive light fittings, 100% renewable energy power supply and providing facilities for people wanting to cycle to work.

    The Technology services team only replaces equipment when it stops working rather than because it has reached a certain age. It has also changed its working practices to help reduce the BMA’s energy consumption. For example, the BMA has started using Office 365, allowing us to save and archive files and folders to the cloud reducing the number of machines we use and our energy consumption.



    We have invested in Skype for Business video and audio conferencing and webcam facilities, allowing staff to make phone and video calls from their laptop, reducing the need for staff and members to travel. Where travel is necessary, most domestic committee travel has been switched from air to rail. To further reduce our carbon footprint, we have collated all office supply orders into a single delivery, preventing multiple deliveries for orders.

    BMA House and the national offices use socially responsible taxi companies which are involved in community projects.

  • Our policy work on climate change

  • Green Tourism gold award

    In 2017, BMA House was awarded the Gold grade by Green Tourism Business Scheme – the largest and most established sustainable grading programme in the world. This was in recognition of the association’s positive work towards being sustainable and accountable.

    This work involved upgrading lighting to PIR and LED based, changing flushes on hundreds of toilets to water saving devices, using 100% recycled paper or FSC-certified paper from sustainable sources and encouraging staff to up their recycling effort. In respect of the venue side of the business, efforts focused on; ensuring sustainable and, where possible, local sourcing of food ingredients, using recycled paper for in-room flip charts, and ensuring plentiful and visible recycling units in all meeting rooms.

    This award reflects our efforts in adopting a range of initiatives designed to improve staff wellbeing, have a positive impact on the local community and wider society, as well as reducing our overall carbon footprint.

  • BMA House hosting Global Good Awards

    After being awarded the Green Tourism Gold accreditation, we were approached to host the Global Good Awards on 16 May 2018 at BMA House. The awards recognise and reward change in all organisations, big or small, for responsible and sustainable practices, building platforms to learn, share and progress ideas, and encourage the development of engaged and ethical business practices. The awards evening includes a variety of organisations including businesses, NGOs, charities and social enterprises from micro to multi-nationals.

    The Global Good Awards are always held in venues that share their values and ethics. The BMA venues team collaborated with the event organisers to create an all vegan menu (including wines) that used seasonal ingredients, to fit with the ceremony’s ethos.

    Martin Wright, writer, editor, adviser and speaker on environmental solutions and sustainable futures, gave the keynote speech. Martin has worked on many projects and initiatives worldwide and has chaired events for the Guardian, UK Government, the UN and many more.

  • Hire Space Greenest Venue Award

    In 2018, BMA House was awarded the Greenest Venue award by Hire Space, an award that recognises a venue’s commitment to ‘going green’ ranging from catering to waste management. The Hire Space Awards celebrate the best of the events industry by recognising hard-working and innovative venues and event organisers from across the UK.

    BMA House has implemented various sustainable processes such as purchasing disposable products made from recycled materials, using digital communication and signage to reduce paper usage and using environmentally-friendly cleaning products. We also compost food waste, filter water on-site to reduce reliance on bottled water and support fair trade tea and coffee growers. Having been awarded the Gold grade by Green Tourism Business Scheme in 2017 – just one of five venues in London to do so – we have been recognised for prioritising effective use of technology, having efficient control of resources and working with local suppliers to source ethical products.