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Awareness days for health

CalendarAn awareness day, week or month is usually health related and engage the public in important health information.

From national asthma and allergy awareness month to children's mental health week, organisations support a variety of initiatives to raise awareness and understanding of key health issues around the world.

Awareness days engage the public in important health information. Often based around these dates, charities collect money in the form of donations and fund raising to support medical research and other causes.

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Missing Type campaign

16-21 August 2016

Blood donation

The BMA supported Missing Type, one of the world’s biggest blood donation and transplant awareness campaigns.

NHS Blood and Transplant Missing Type was a week-long campaign being run across England and Wales with thousands of organisations removing As, Os and Bs from social media and branding.

Last year during Missing Type week, we saw the 'o' disappear from Downing Street, the Daily Mirror changed its masthead and big brands such as Google, Honda and Spotify joined the movement. The campaign reached more than two billion people through news and social media, and importantly, 30,000 new donors registered during National Blood Week – that’s three times as many as the year before, with the potential to save or improve over 100,000 lives.

We hoped to help raise these numbers even more in 2016. To support the campaign the BMA logo was slightly changed online – the B and A were missing to show the world we were joining forces with other global names encouraging people to register as regular donors.

Our communications and engagement team also complemented the cause throughout the week with news, web and social media features. You can still help by by donating blood.

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