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Key points

You have a duty to protect patients and colleagues if you are aware of misconduct that may lead to harm to others.

You are protected in law from harassment and bullying when you raise a concern.

If possible, start at the first stage and escalate your concerns if you meet obstructions.

In addition to local support structures, the BMA can support you too.

If you have a concern or need advice, call us on 0300 123 1233

Email a BMA advisor

Case study one

This example deals with an emergency medicine consultant in the NHS for over 20 years. It was a case where the BMA was able to get involved and support our member, towards a positive outcome.

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Case study two

Raising a concern can be difficult. In this case a senior care coordinator in a care home found himself compelled to report a concern about the home's manager.

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Top tips

Read our top tips about using the right language and tone when raising concerns, from our TalkingPOINTS session at ARM 2015

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Read our fictional stories illustrating the steps that can be followed in raising a concern – for:
Junior doctors
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