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Why do we need to advise doctors on redundancies?

It is a sad reflection on the current state of the NHS that we have had to produce guidance on dealing with medical redundancies.

We have written to NHS Employers deploring the potential loss of medical expertise to the NHS and are seeking national solutions on this matter.

Our guidance gives you an overview of the procedures governing redundancy as this can be a complex area of employment law - it is not a definitive guide to those regulations.

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Medical academic redundancies
Medical academic posts are at risk as redundancy threats loom at a number of universities. If you are affected then read our guidance to find out the measures you should take and what the BMA can do for you. You can also follow links to news articles and contribute to the blogs.

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Mutually agreed resignation schemes (MARS)


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The stories behind the issue

Talks halt first wave of redundancies
More than a dozen medical posts at an NHS trust have been saved from redundancy following lengthy BMA negotiations

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Going gracefully - what do you do if your job is on the line? 
We helped one doctor depart with her dignity, and pension plans, intact.