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Junior doctors press ahead with industrial action

Junior doctors in England will take a second day of action after contract talks ended without agreement. Ac...

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RT @WhistlingDixie4: Why Junior Doctors will never be led by Jeremy Hunt https://t.co/xfCPfVIYdM #juniorcontract pic.twitter.com/CFxSlRcAnu

13 Feb 2016 08:16 AM

@jonmcinerney thanks for your support Jon. You can download support materials here: https://t.co/Wxi5G3qsnw

13 Feb 2016 08:13 AM

RT @Jkbmedic: #IAmTheDoctorWho did ask though because patients don't fit in neat 10 minute boxes. #gpincrisis @TheBMA @cgps_gp https://t.copic.twitter.com/0NBqEIO0km

13 Feb 2016 07:58 AM