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Junior doctors press ahead with industrial action

Junior doctors in England will take a second day of action after contract talks ended without agreement. Ac...

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The 10 themes of the day that no one wanted https://t.co/WLaGTjqL79 #juniorcontract #JuniorDoctorsStrike

12 Feb 2016 20:00 PM

@EmmaPearlHardy Hi Emma - best to contact your regional coordinator to confirm, contact info here: https://t.co/dRQSSW8ckL Thanks ^jh

12 Feb 2016 16:49 PM

Most patients are desperate to get home but what about those desperate to stay? https://t.co/9Rh4Vu2r2W @TheSecretDr pic.twitter.com/7qAzcuCjcA

12 Feb 2016 16:48 PM