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Junior doctors press ahead with industrial action

Junior doctors in England will take a second day of action after contract talks ended without agreement. Ac...

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‘Don’t stagnate; respect is mutual; be positive’ - Anthea Mowat’s learnings as a SAS grade https://t.co/hdE2v9aSZ1 pic.twitter.com/VJ6tMJXjOK

13 Feb 2016 19:00 PM

#EoLC issues are complex and nuanced – Govt must make it a key priority https://t.co/CBNSheiCYn pic.twitter.com/XF9VH2HPpN

13 Feb 2016 13:00 PM

BMA research grants – deadline for applications 7 March https://t.co/ZO8fLdZAiv

13 Feb 2016 11:00 AM