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Medical electives ethics toolkit

Your medical elective can be one of the most rewarding parts of your undergraduate medical education.

Get practical advice on managing common ethical dilemmas that students can experience on their electives, particularly in resource-poor countries.

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Getting the right mix in medicine

Recent data says that 80% of medical students come from 20% of schools in the UK.

Read our feature The Right Mix and find out how the medical profession is diversifying its workforce.

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Log in to take the Sci59 online psychometric test, designed to provide a list of medical career choices that are impartial and based only on your personal profile.

Sci59 matches the skills and attributes needed for the normal end point in your career development, helping you to look beyond your next training position.

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Top tips for medical students

We've pulled together all the things you need to help you make the most of your time as a medical student.

Use our practical guidance, read real life stories and get top tips from students who have been there, and make sure you don't just survive, but thrive at university.

Top tips, guidance and practical advice for medical students


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Common challenges while studying

Studying medicine can be a challenging time, no matter when you start.

But there are some who face additional hurdles such as studying with dyslexia or being responsible for dependents.

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