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What we do

BMA as a trade union

Trade union and professional association

We stand up for doctors both individually and collectively on a wide variety of employment issues and, since the inception of the NHS, we have been formally recognised for collective bargaining purposes within national negotiating machinery and by individual employers at local level.

Our work as a trade union

Lobbying for you

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Find out how we work with governments to lobby for improvements to health and health care.

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BMA and the NHS

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We have a long relationship with the National Health Service.

Since its inception, we have championed its vision of healthcare delivered on the basis of clinical need, free at the point of use.

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BMA as a professional body

Through research and publishing we lead debate on key ethical, scientific and public health matters and award grants to encourage individual research in medicine.

Our work as a professional association

Working with other bodies

We also work with a number of other professional bodies on issues which we, our members, or their patients have a legitimate interest.

Our work with other professional bodies

Public information service

We can advise the public on matters relating to BMA policy.

Although we can't advise you on your treatment for specific medical conditions, we have produced some information to point you in the right direction.

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